2023 in review — What lies ahead

3 min readDec 31, 2023
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Dear Sphere community,

As we approach the end of our biggest year yet and we look forward to an even bigger 2024, we wanted to take give a brief recap of our 2023, and most importantly, share a little insight into what we have coming up in 2024.


This year, we successfully raised rounds for various projects on a variety of chains. These raises hit their minimum and maximum targets, with three IDOs selling out in a matter of seconds!

We made the IDO process simpler and easier and we aim to continue to do this where possible. In addition, we also amended our IDO process with the introduction of tiers and we listened to the community. One example of this was when an IDO was on ETH and gas fees were high, we worked with the project to find ways around this to help reduce costs for participants.

Partnerships and Integrations

This year, Sphere secured solid partnerships and integrations. Some partnerships include Mantle, Bitget, OKX, and Gotbit. We have also increased the number of chains we supported to seven. The additions we made this year were Arbitrum (ARB) and Avalanche (AVAX).

These were strategic moves that ensured we were staying up to date with current trends in the market and using these changes to our advantage.

Achievements and hit Milestones

Not only did we launch our native token $SXS back in June, but this enabled us to launch $SXS Tiers, which gave huge benefits to SXS holders, this includes higher chances of being whitelisted and significantly higher guaranteed allocations in all IDOs.

We were also hugely excited to launch $SXS Staking in quarter 4 of this year. This has already proved to be a massive success with over 5M $SXS staked so far, which is a staggering 30% of our circulating supply.

What Lies Ahead

2024 here we come!

We have a lot lined up for the coming year. Firstly, we have 5 IDOs locked in for Q1 2024. These projects are in the DeFI, finance, and Gamefi categories and have strong potential.

We have been running a pilot marketing campaign and this will continue into early 2024. This will then be developed and grown during q2 onwards.

We have recently done two new airdrops, which proved successful. This is one area we will be growing in 2024, working with past and future projects to deliver airdrops to our community. Also, we won’t waiver from our commitment to ensure at least 50% of all airdrop winners are SXS tier holders!

However, what we are most excited about are new partnerships.

We feel that solid partnerships are going to be key to attracting the very best IDOs to our platform, whilst increasing awareness of Sphere across the whole space.

Within the first two weeks of 2024, we will be announcing the first two of many new partnerships we are working on. These partnerships will be a major part of taking Sphere onto the next stage of our journey and ensure we are perfectly placed for the bull market.

We are super pumped to have you with us on this journey and we can’t wait for a hugely exciting 2024.

Continuing the dialogue with Sphere

If there is anything else you’d like to know, or you simply want to say hi, please engage in our various channels:




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