$5,000 airdrop - the info

4 min readDec 12, 2022


Let’s be honest 2022 has sucked, so we wanted to end the year on a high and give away some money!

To say that this year has been tough is a huge understatement. The space has been hurt due to a few bad actors, people’s confidence has been hit and a lot of people have lost everything. It hurt us too, but thankfully not too badly. We are risk adverse and are solely focused on building for a future bull market.

But, we know that this year has caused a lot of pain for many, so we wanted to end the year with a real positive for our community and supporters and give away $5,000+ in the run up to 2023.

We wanted to give as many people as possible the chance to win something and we wanted to highlight that we are multi-chain. So are going to be giving away the $5,000 in four separate competitions with numerous prizes in each competition.

Competition and prize breakdown:

The prizes will be given out using some of the chains we support and also our own token. The breakdown of this is as follows:

  • Competition one: $1,000 worth of BNB
    Winners: there will be 5 winners of $100 worth of BNB each and 10 winners of $50 worth of BNB each.
  • Competition two: $1,000 worth of ETH
    Winners: there will be 5 winners of $100 worth of ETH each and 10 winners of $50 worth of ETH each.
  • Competition three: $1,000 worth of MATIC
    Winners: there will be 5 winners of $100 worth of MATIC each and 10 winners of $50 worth of MATIC each.
  • Competition four: $2,000 worth of SXS*
    Winners: there will be 10 winners of $100 worth of SXS each and 20 winners of $50 worth of SXS each.

* This will be paid out in the week following our TGE

Each competition will be live for 3days. Winners will be notified of their win within a week of each competition finishing. Prizes for the BNB, ETH and MATIC competitions will be claimable by our airdrop portal within the first two weeks of 2023, full details will be shared with winners and with the community.

Taking part:

We have recently partnered with Sparkwave, who are a platform to measure community engagement. This came as a result of direct feedback from our community, who wanted to ensure tasks for competition participation were clear and fair.

For each competition a specific link will be shared on out Telegram, Discord and Twitter channels. This link will take you through to a Sparkwave competition platform, where there will be a number of tasks highlighted. Each task is called a quest and for successful completion of each quest there will be points awarded.

The vast majority of winners will be selected from those with the highest point score for each competition. IE those that complete all the quests.

Why do we say the majority of winners. We know that not everyone will be able to complete all the quests, so we still wanted to give those who simply are unable to complete all the tasks a chance to. Therefore, 80% of winners for each competition will be taken from those that scored the most points those that completed all the quests) and the other 20% of winners will be taken from those that completed some of quests.

This is a new platform for us, and we hope this will make competition participation easier and fairer, but it will also keep out the bots and reward those that truly support us.

But wait!

The good news doesn't stop there.

We have recently joined Instagram (finally) and we are going to be running a special little extra airdrop for our followers there in the next two weeks. So be sure to follow us here.

You want more?

If these competitions go well and your feedback is positive, then our plan is to give away $1,000 every week during 2023…

Beware of scams

Please always ensure you only follow our official accounts and you are on our website.

Always make certain you are on our official channel or groups.




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