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Boosting our IDO Pipeline through New Partnership — Coinseeker.co

Sphere — Coinseeker

Sphere is proud and excited to announce a strategic partnership with Coinseeker.co the leading web 3.0 deal platform trusted globally by blockchain investors.

This partnership creates a truly value-adding moat for Sphere by bringing the very best pre-launch projects to our IDO community that will accelerate your deal quality in the bull market.

Who are Coinseeker?

Coinseeker is a web 3.0 deal data platform. The go-to platform for the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on blockchain projects before they launch their tokens.

Respected VCs and service providers rely on Coinseeker’s data database to make informed business decisions.

Coinseeker has also recently released their premium function — Dealroom Pro, in December 2023, featuring top-tier deal flows like Eclipse Fi (which did a 10x at TGE) and Aperture Finance, which their premium subscribers can participate in. As the market sentiment grows, we can expect more premium deals to come in 2024.

What will this partnership look like?

Coinseeker works with high-caliber projects in the space, day in and day out. Those projects that are flagged by Coinseeker of having real potential and are looking to IDO, will be passed on to Sphere to not only do their IDO for them, but to help and support them during their whole raise process.

But that isn’t all…

As you know at Sphere we are passionate about doing your own due diligence, the more data you have access to the more informed your decision can be. Coinseeker has an excellent free-access platform that we really recommend you check out.

With a premium subscription account, users can then participate in the deals featured in the Dealroom Pro.

With this partnership, Sphere community members will get a 50% discount on the subscription, only for a time limit. Do check out the free version to see what deals are available on Coinseeker and upgrade at a partnership rate through this link: https://bit.ly/3tFMTMo 👈

Deeper Dive

Let’s take a closer look at Coinseeker and why we are so excited about this partnership.

Coinseeker provides users with accurate data on fundraising activities, offering comprehensive company details, including contact information and team profiles, as well as insights into the venture capitalists (VCs) involved and the amount raised at various levels and periods.

Coinseeker has a track record of providing critical deal information for launchpads and investors, hence the confidence we have in this partnership.

Stand out points of Coinseeker.co

  • First crypto-centered VC platform
  • AI-driven integration
  • Best source for lead generation — validated by satisfied web 3.0 clients
  • 1,000+ VCs & Enterprises
  • 12,000+ crypto startups in database
  • On-site CRM
  • Private Networking events for blockchain start-ups and investors
  • Syndication legal support — be your own VC today with Coinseeker.co

With this partnership with Coinseeker, we will have an even stronger pipeline of projects looking to IDO and will ensure we bring the very best opportunities to our community.

50% off Coinseeker Pro, only for Sphere community: https://bit.ly/3tFMTMo 👈

💬 Check out Coinseeker.co today, get connected with the best minds directly: https://t.me/Coinseekerchat

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