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3 min readNov 20, 2023

Before we go into the claim details, we wanted to quickly remind you of our refund policy.

This IDO is covered by our enhanced refund policy, which is active for up to 7 day from point of listing. No investment is risk free, but our refund policy is put in place to the help provide a safety net for the early stages post launch. It is very important you review the refund policy here.

Please be sure you read this policy in full before you claim.

Now onto the claiming information.

DERP info

The DerpDEX token, DERP, is ERC-20 based and to help keep gas costs low for our community, as you will be aware, we did the IDO on BSC.

The claim will therefore be via our official airdrop portal and it will be Eth based.

The IDO rate for DERP was $0.0000001 and the listing price will be $0.00000011 per token, which is 10% higher than the IDO rate.

To quickly go over the vesting schedule; 30% of your purchase amount will be unlocked at TGE and then the remaining 70% is linear vested for 3 months, starting 30 days after launch.

Official DerpDEX link here to token information, including token contract address, pool addresses and CEX links.


Claiming will be live from 12pm UTC on November 21st.

We have split the claim into two areas, the first being the initial 30% claim and the second being the remaining 70% claim.

30% claim:

This claim will be live at point of launch.

  • At 12pm UTC on the 21st November, come to our official airdrop portal here;
  • Click on the DerpDEX claim;
  • Connect your wallet; You will need to connect using the same wallet you took part in the IDO with, just make sure it ies set to Ethereum and not BSC; and
  • Hit claim.

It is that easy!

You can claim anytime from launch and claim will be open for 3 months. You must claim at some point within that 3 month claim window.

We strongly recommend you use the same device that you used to take part in the IDO with.

70% claim:

After DerpDEX launch and the initial 30% claim at launch, there is then a one month cliff. At the end of this one month, the remaining 70% is linear vested over the following 3 months.

This 70% claim will be via the offical DerpDEX platform. The reason for this is to help keep costs down for those claiming and to also ensure that people claiming can make the most of other offers that DerpDEX will have in places, for example staking.

The DerpDEX team will share formal links and a guide to explain how to claim during the vesting period on their official channels. This will be shared closer to the time of claiming. Their official channels are:

Please note:

If you took part in both the main IDO and the snap IDO, your claim will be the combined amount of both of these. If you took part in only the main IDO or the only snap IDO, then your claim will only be for the amount from the IDO you participated in.

DERP listing

DerpDEX will be listing on 21st November at 12pm.

They will be listing on UniSwap, MEXC and Gate. Please review their official token information document here for relevant DEX and CEX links.


DerpDEX announced that all IDO participants will receive a 10% token bonus.

This has been calculated on the final purchase amount per person, this additional 10% will be added to your first claim, after the 30day cliff.

Question not answered?

Please speak to our fantastic team of moderators and community ambassadors on Telegram here. They are there day and night to answer any questions you have.

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