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8 min readDec 2, 2023

We are super excited to be doing a private sale for ANote Music. This is a project that has passed our enhanced due diligence and we feel it has serious potential.

We will be launching the whitelisting for this sale soon and will link to it here when live. In the whitelisting guide we will explain more about what a private sale is and looks like with Sphere.

In the mean time, we have done a deep dive into the project below. Please note, although this article goes into some depth, it does not replace your own research and due diligence.


There are many investment classes like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. But one investment class seems to be gaining a lot of attention lately; music royalties.

The music market is projected to reach about $130B in yearly revenues by 2030. This market has always been tapped by wealthy individuals and large corporations, leaving out small investors. But not anymore…

To understand the concept of ANote Music, we need to understand what royalties are. Just in case you didn’t know, music royalties are the payments made to rights holders, including songwriters, recording artists, and intermediaries like labels, publishers, or producers for the licensed consumption and use of their work.

To simplify, royalties in music are a way for musicians to earn money when their songs are used in different ways. When someone wants to use a song in a movie, on the radio, in a commercial, or on a streaming platform, they have to pay the musician a special fee. This fee is called a royalty.

Understanding ANote

ANote Music is an investment platform that allows music rights holders including artists, songwriters, record labels, and producers to monetize their music rights through selling interests in their royalty income. ANote Music allows music lovers to earn passive income in the form of royalties from hit songs by owning shares in music catalogs which generate royalties.

ANote Music serves as the bridge between the music industry and financial markets.

ANote Music for creators

ANote Music allows creators to get closer to their loyal fanbase through royalty sharing. Creators offer a percentage of their rights up for auction to a large number of investors and fans.

Before a catalogue is listed, the ANote Music team of experts does their due diligence on the music royalty assets. Once the creator or rights holder and the team agree on the price of the particular music royalty asset, it is then listed as a catalogue on the ANote Music platform for purchase.

ANote Music for investors and fans

Investors and music enthusiasts can invest in these catalogues and get a share of the future royalties generated.

Registering in the ANote Music platform is completely free and all registered users get access to all the available music catalogues through the primary market listings or by trading them directly with other investors on the secondary market.

They can do their due diligence and decide to bid for the catalogues that are on auction sales, as all financial information and details are summarised and displayed in a user-friendly way.

Each time royalties are paid out by a catalogue’s international distributors, ANote Music receives and distributes correct amounts to all the investors in each catalogue.

The investors can also trade shares in music royalties with other investors on the ANote Music secondary market and will establish these trades on an offer-and-demand principle.

How does ANote Music work?

ANote Music’s platform serves as an exchange designed for music royalties where trades and auctions can take place fairly.

Artists, labels, and songwriters can auction a portion of their royalties’ future income to fans and supporters through an automated and transparent process in the primary market. These buyers can take advantage of highs and lows by trading the assets on the secondary market.

The platform facilitates the royalty distribution to investors. As the songs generate royalties, ANote Music goes ahead to distribute the royalties generated to the investors’ accounts based on the number of catalogue shares owned.

Not only that, but within the ANote Music platform, Investors can get access to helpful information like market analysis, press releases, and royalty payout track records.

The primary market functions following the Dutch Auction Model, where investors will compete and bid in auctions to acquire shares from different music catalogues that are being listed, which will represent and unlock the share they are entitled to receive from the different royalty distributions which take place monthly, every 3 months or semi-annually.

ANote Music’s mission remains certain “To democratize accessibility to music investments and make music even more valuable to even more people”.

What problems does ANote Music solve?


A lack of a public and accessible market for music royalties — The music industry lacks a public and accessible market for music royalties. Each year, transactions worth billions of dollars occur between stakeholders, record labels, investment funds, etc.

These transactions are not transparent and almost never accessible for people who are not music industry insiders, making it hard for more people to participate.


ANote Music became the first platform to make royalty interest shares publicly tradable. Removing the barrier to entry.


High Capital to participate in private markets — The current private markets for royalties require huge capital to invest effectively and make a profit leaving only wealthy investors and industry leaders to have all the market share.


With ANote Music’s unique solution, individuals with different buying power can enter this thriving billion-dollar market and contribute to it.


Before ANote Music, The average time taken from a performance by artists to royalty payouts usually takes very long… sometimes years.


ANote Music solves this by giving creators instant access to their funds from royalties so they can fund their projects.

Stand-out features of ANote Music

  • First and most relevant royalty- interest trading platform in the world
  • 29k+ registered investor accounts
  • Over 20M Euros catalogue transacted
  • 10% average return for investors
  • User-friendly trading interface
  • Data secured and stored in the Algorand blockchain
  • Passive income for investors

ANote Music backstage pass

The ANote token and backstage pass serves as a way to reward loyal community members of the ANote movement. The ANote Music Backstage Pass serves as an instrument for engagement in the ANote community.

Through the ANote Backstage Pass, holders of the ANote token who meet eligibility criteria will gain access to premium places on the platform like exclusive catalogue information, cashback, rewards and exclusive music events.

ANote token utilities

$ANOTE is the official token for ANote Music and it will help bring the ANote Music Backstage Pass benefits to life. It empowers its holders to gain access to exclusive opportunities and benefits.

The ANote Music Backstage Pass comes with different tiers and access to each tier depends on the amount of tokens the user holds.

These backstage pass perks include:

  • Cash backs
  • Streaming platform credits
  • Exclusive access to music events
  • Royalties multiplier and trading rewards
  • Music ticket reimbursement
  • First-hand catalogue information


$ANOTE uses Polygon and Algorand Blockchain networks. The total supply is capped at 100,000,000.

Token allocation is as follows:

  • Team — 13,500,000
  • Advisors — 6,000,000
  • Ecosystem — 36,000,000
  • Treasury — 25,000,000
  • Liquidity pool — 4,000,000
  • Presale — 8,500,000
  • Public round — 7,000,000


The strength in depth of the ANote Music team was just one of the standout features of this project. They bring together leading industry experience along with unrivaled access and credibility. So, who are the people behind ANote Music?

Marzio F. Schena — CEO & Co-Founder:

Marzio is a distinguished entrepreneur, recognized for his leadership and speaking skills. He received prestigious honors such as Forbes’ “Under30” in Italy and was acknowledged as one of the “33 Under 33” promising entrepreneurs by the European Commission.

With a strong finance background, including an MSc in Finance from Bocconi University and exceptional performance in MBA programs at UCLA and INCAE, Marzio brings a wealth of experience to his role as a fund manager at ANote Music.

Grégoire Mathonet — CTO & Co-Founder:

After holding the position of Engineering Lead at LuxTrust, a state-owned institution specializing in IT security services for financial markets, Grégoire co-founded ANote Music. His experience at LuxTrust included management roles and an in-depth knowledge of the latest frameworks and DevOps methodologies. Grégoire also developed his skills in IT coordination and finance during his time at Crédit Suisse, and he holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Liege in Belgium.

Matteo Cernuschi — COO & Co-Founder:

Matteo, one of the co-founders of ANote Music, holds a Master’s degree in International Management from IE Business School in Madrid and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Financial Markets from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan.

Additionally, he completed a graduate course in Sustainable Finance and Investments at Harvard University. Before founding ANote Music, he worked as an IT Consultant specializing in Business Process Modeling at Ernst & Young and earned recognition by being featured on Italy’s Forbes “Under30” list in 2022.

Aside from these Gigabrains, ANote has a well-crafted team ranging from content to development, to legal counseling down to design. They also have an impressive set of board members and advisors. You can find out more about the team here


Below is an Image of ANote Music’s Roadmap

Next steps

We have doubled our due diligence team over the past few months and they recently shared with us what they look out for when picking winners. ANote Music, we feel, has real potential, why not check out our picking winners article here, for an insight into what we look for?

Why not start your due diligence into this exciting project early, you can start by checking out ANote Music’s official channels here:

Continuing the dialogue with Sphere

We are going to be launching a private sale round for ANote Music shortly. Make sure you don’t miss out and ensure you are following us on our official channels linked below.

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