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6 min readMar 29, 2022


Strap in, we are about to blast off 🚀

We are extremely excited to share with you that not only have we got a Token Generation Event (TGE) date 100% confirmed, but in the run-up to this date we have lots of amazing airdrops and competitions, new rollouts and even giveaways, not to mention many more cutting edge IDOs!

Just over a year ago when we came up with the idea of Solstarter. We set out to be a community first platform and to create a best in class launchpad, one that delivered for projects and went above and beyond for our community.

We pulled together some ideas and put them out there to see what people thought — the response was instant and amazing.

Since then, we have been working hard to bring everything together, to create a truly world-class platform and one that is a joy to use for you. We are now in our final countdown!


Put it in your calendars, set your alarms, cancel any plans, July 1st 2022 is set in stone as the official date for our Token Generation Event.

We know that many of you would have hoped for this earlier. That said, we simply didn’t want to launch until we were 100% happy and we are now there.

For those taking part in our IDO the tokens will be 100% unlocked.

So what happens between now and our TGE?

Well, we couldn’t just launch, we wanted to give you all something back in the run-up. Our community is what makes us, and we are hugely grateful for the passion and support you show us every day.

However words are cheap, let’s make it rain…


When we opened our whitelist a year ago, the response was amazing and we want to reward our whitelist place winners. You have stuck with us since then, and as a thank you for your continued support we wanted to do something a little special…

We are going to be airdropping an equal share of $40,000 USDC to you all. This will happen the week before our TGE. You don’t have to do anything, just check your wallet during that week and there will be a little something waiting for you!

Your whitelist places are secure and we can’t wait to have you participate in our IDO on July 1st!


We know a lot of you applied to the whitelist but didn’t manage to get in and many of you have joined our community more recently. Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten you.

Every few weeks between now and our TGE we are going to be running competitions, giving everyone in our community a chance to win some amazing prizes.

The first competition is starting right now and the prize is a chance to win a place in our whitelist.

Although the whitelist closed almost a year ago, we have had some places open up and we wanted to offer them to you. So, how can you be in with a chance of winning? It is simple, just 3 easy steps:

  • Step 1: Tweet out what you love about Solstarter
  • Step 2: Ensure you tag us @Solstarterorg
  • Step 3: Complete the Google form here

This competition closes at 6pm UTC on Friday April 1st and winners will be notified after that point.

Places are very limited so good luck!

Future competitions will include airdrops, NFTS, more whitelist places and giveaways. So keep your eyes open.

More airdrops…

We all love airdrops right?

Well we felt the best way to share the love with you all in the run up to our TGE is to do a few of these… Our aim is to do 6 airdrop competitions!

The total prize fund for these airdrops will be $12,000 that will be paid out in our native token in the week following our TGE.

Each airdrop competition will be announced in our Telegram channel and on our official Twitter account. So set notifications to on!

Did you take part in the Kaizen IDO?

Although this isn't connected to our TGE, we hugely value our community and when something doesn't work out as planned, we want to be there for you.

We know there have been a few challenges with Kaizen since their IDO, so for those that took part in the Kaizen IDO we are giving you a little something from us.

For everyone who took part in the Kaizen IDO via Solstarter we will be airdropping you an equal share of $30,000 USDC that will be in our native token.

This will happen in the week after our TGE. You don’t have to do anything, just check your wallets about 5 days after our TGE and there will be something from us waiting for you.

Website and new rollouts:

As well as airdrops and competitions, we have some fantastic upgrades and new rollouts incoming. These new features and services include:

Going live in early April:

  • Landing page: the main website URL. You will see how our refreshed brand looks and you will see everything is easy to navigate and basically looks kick ass
  • Team page: we have grown alot and we want you to know who everyone is. This page will have all our team members on it, what they do and their associated twitter handles
  • FAQ: On this page we are going to have all the most important and frequently asked questions. We will provide clear answers and actions

Going live in late April:

  • Swaps: this is the page a user will see when clicking the “App” button, it is going to be fully updated and have all the IDOs we have completed, plan to do and that are currently active.
  • Sidebar and header: a new sidebar and header that will help navigation and usability within the swaps section

Going live in mid May:

  • Staking page: This is the page users will use when staking our token token. The page will have inactive buttons until our TGE, but we wanted you all to see it and have a look around
  • Single swap page: This is the page a user sees when clicking “View Details” on a specific IDO in on the swaps page. This will be inactive tos tart with, but again we wanted you to see if and have a look around

Going live in early June:

  • Dex: This is the area of the site that users will be able to swap tokens. It will be very user friendly and work inline with what you would expect in the space

Early July, soon after TGE:

  • Staking live: We will be making the staking sections active so users are able to stake their our token token.

T-minus 13 weeks

It has been a year in the making and we are almost there, the rocket is on the launch pad and being fuelled, the final countdown is on…

The time between now and our TGE is going to be hugely exciting, with major things happening almost every week and we are so happy to have you on this ride with us.

Official links:

Important Disclaimer

Beware of Telegram, Online and Twitter groups trying to impersonate Solstarter. Always ensure you are on our official channel or groups.




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