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Success through collaboration

3 min readFeb 2, 2024

Sphere Flow is the innovative, light-touch Acceleration Program from Sphere, designed to offer a comprehensive suite of support for projects that have committed to launching an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) with Sphere.

The programme is here to launch the flow of a project, from pre-launch to IDO to launch and beyond.

Who is Sphere Flow for?

Our aim is to always try and help any project that needs it, but the main focus of Sphere Flow is to support those projects that have signed up a month or more in advance of their IDO with Sphere.

The Acceleration programme will provide the most value added to projects that are gearing up towards their launch and would benefit from additional skills, expertise and connections.

What does Sphere Flow offer?

The whole purpose of Sphere Flow is to unlock the skills we have internally at Sphere, the partnerships we have in place and the connections we have made in over 3 years. The core areas we will be focusing on will be:

  • Tokenomics
  • Marketing/ communications
  • Branding/ Visualisation
  • Developer support
  • Community growth and support
  • Investor introductions
  • Market Maker introductions
  • CEX introductions

For every project that enters the programme, we will also do an audit. This will not replace an official audit, which we strongly advise all projects to do, but it will be a review of the project in all areas, with the feedback shared with the team along with possible actions.

Is there a cost to Sphere Flow?

No! Sphere Flow is free for all projects that decide to do their IDO with Sphere.

Does Sphere Flow benefit the community?

The simple answer is yes. By proactively supporting projects in the run-up to their IDO, we hope this will lead to a stronger launch.

Often projects are tight on time and budget. Giving a project access to our Dev, Marketing, research and Tokenmoincs teams will allow them to leverage skill sets and experience that they would not normally have open to them. This, combined with relevant senior introductions in the investment, market-making and exchange worlds, will enable projects to set themselves up in a stable position for their IDO and subsequent launch.

When does Sphere Flow launch?

The programme is live now and we have already started to support a number of projects who have signed up to do their IDO with Sphere.

Does Sphere Flow reduce risk?

No. We hope the support we give a project that goes through the programme will ensure they have a more robust product offering when they launch. However, in no way does Sphere Flow replace the importance of doing your own due diligence and research. Any investment decision you make is yours and yours alone.

Always Evolving

Sphere Flow is always evolving and because of that we will be adding in additional benefits moving forward and amending the offering depending on project and stage of development.

Question not answered?

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Continuing the Dialogue

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