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Sphere Flow presents - Utgard

sphere flow presents Utgard.

Sphere is proud to present Utgard, The first project launching on the Sphere Flow program.

Sphere Flow is the new light touch Acceleration Program from Sphere that unlocks a suite of support from projects that have signed up to do an IDO with Sphere.

The program is here to launch the flow of a project, from pre-launch to IDO, to launch and beyond. If this is your first time hearing about Sphere Flow, click here to find out more.

Utgard Intro:

The play-to-earn mechanism has revolutionized the gaming industry by allowing players to earn real-world value in exchange for their time and effort.

However, many play-to-earn games have failed due to unstable economic models. Sphere is proud to present Utgard, which has addressed this challenge by creating a sustainable economic structure, prioritizing gameplay and puts it at the center of the game and by also developing a thoughtful and robust economic model. Utgard’s mission is to create a new type of wealth generation for players.

UTGARD — A play-and-earn Gaming Sensation

Utgard is a real-time mobile and player-versus-player game where players select a hero, create an army, and challenge other players.

New and built on Solana the Utgard mobile game stacked with thrilling features allows you, build your deck of Viking cards and compete against other players from around the world.

With a mix of desired strategy, skill, and training, Utgard offers hours of fun and challenging gameplay.

In Utgard, you play as a Jarl, a Viking leader who commands a crew of fierce warriors and sails on a Drakkar to raid other villages and defend your own.

What problem does Utgard solve in the Gamefi space?

Over the years, Play-to-earn games have become famous but have faced major problems.


Accessibility — There is a barrier to entry for non-crypto users when it comes to gaming. Gamers who aren’t familiar with the crypto ecosystem usually have a hard time getting used to the process.


Utgard finds a way to incentivize users to stay in the game, this is by enabling players and contributors to share in the profits and earn based on their contributions.


Flawed in-game mechanics and tokenomics — Over the years, GameFi projects have found it hard to retain users due to bad in-game token models.


Utgard has developed a token model that will ensure users stay in the game for the long term. Players can accumulate digital currencies that appreciate in value creating a wealth-generating avenue for players.

Utgard’s Gameplay

In Utgard, you play as a Jarl, a Viking leader who commands a crew of fierce warriors and sails on a Drakkar to raid other villages and defend your own.

As a Jarl of a newly formed clan, the long-awaited quest will be to create an army, attacking other players to acquire both wealth and power.

The ultimate goal of the game is to level up a Jarl to the highest possible level, enabling players to earn tokens and rewards. You level up by defeating other players.

How do players win a game?

A player and his army will sink as many enemy Drakkars (Viking longships) as possible before the 2-minute time limit. In the event of a draw, An additional 1-minute sudden death (first player to sink a ship wins) period will be allotted. Each victory provides players with a chest, many shields, and some tokens. The more games you win, the more experience and wealth you earn!

Earning mechanism

With Utgard, players can accumulate digital currencies and assets that appreciate, creating a new form of wealth generation. The earning part of the game is very straightforward, as there will be 5 ways to earn $UTG:

  • Winning 1v1 battles
  • Playing tournaments (rewards are detailed in the tournament tab)
  • Staking UTG (rewards are detailed in the staking tab)
  • Gaining Jarl levels (rewards are detailed in the tournament tab)
  • Being in the top 3 in terms of number of shields at the end of each season (rewards are detailed in the tournament tab)

P&E Sustainance Model

Here are the different ways Utgard will tax $UTG for the game to be sustainable in the long run:

  1. To start a rewarding battle, people will have to spend a certain amount of $UTG
  2. Whenever people upgrade the level of their cards, the $UTG used will be directly collected by Utgard for the P&E pool
  3. To start tournaments, players will have to pay an entry fee, of 50 $UTG for a basic tournament and 500 $UTG for bigger tournaments. Utgard will automatically take 10% of the total amount of $UTG from the bigger tournament
  4. People will buy in-game items (chests, cards,and Jarls) using $UTG or $SOL.
  5. The Utgard NFT marketplace will charge a royalty fee of 5%.

To find out more on Utgard’s Gameplay, Check out their Whitepaper

Key features of Utgard

  • Assemble an army and battle in real-time 1V1 combat
  • Earn UTG tokens as in-game rewards
  • Partake in epic tournaments
  • Blockchain-backed complete ownership over the in-game asset
  • E-Sports Inclusion


Here is the tokenomics structure of Utgard.

Total supply of $UTG — 400,000,000

Seed — 12.5%

Play-and-Earn — 32.5%

IDO — 12.5%

Private sale- 17.5%

Marketing and ecosystem development fund- 10%

Jarls NFTs Airdrop- 5%

Team & Advisors — 5%

Liquidity / MM — 5%

The $UTG Token

$UTG is the native token of Utgard. It is the backbone of the Utgard ecosystem. The token will have multiple in-game utilities, especially for token holders.

UTG Token holders will have the following advantages:

  • Start battles
  • Level up cards
  • Acquire in-game items (chests and cards)
  • Enter tournaments
  • Mint exclusive Jarl NFTs
  • Participate in governance of the Utgard DAO


Utgard has a lot of plans in place over the coming months from Beta releases App launches. Here is a sneak peak of their roadmap:

Utgard’s Roadmap

For more information on Utgard:





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