Sphere X CoinSeeker AMA Recap

8 min readJan 22, 2024

Starting the year in grand style with a new partner who will increase the quality and quantity of projects looking to do their IDO with us.

Hello Sphere community, welcome to our news update…

This year we have started strong by announcing a massive partnership with Coinseeker, a leader in the Web3 deals space. You can read more about Coinseeker here.

On Friday we had Patrick, Co-Founder of Coinseeker come to tell us more about Coinseeker and give more details about this partnership in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session… Here is the recap;


Sphere: Good day all and welcome to the AMA. We are really excited to have Patrick from Coinseeker.

Patrick: Hello everyone, super excited to be here.

Sphere: Alright let’s get into it. In any market, bull or bear, research and due diligence is key. The data you have is important but it is just as important how to understand that data. This can help you find those hidden gems…Patrick maybe we can start with the elevator pitch from Coinseeker?

Patrick: Definitely! hi everyone! This is Patrick, Co-Founder of Coinseeker.co.

As you mentioned, Coinseeker.co is a leader in web 3.0 deal data, with investors around the world using us to find the best deals daily.

As of today, we have over 12K projects featured on our database, and over 2,000 professionals using our platform to source deals.

If you are curious about how venture capital invests, we also let our community members join us in our syndicated deals on Dealroom Pro. As of now, we have completed 1 deal with Eclipse Fi which did a 9.1x on TGE for our subscribers, and we have 3–5 more deals in the pipeline for the upcoming month.

With the impending bull market, it is necessary for us to consider asset classes that can maximize your returns. Consider joining primary market deals through us!

Beyond these, we also provide coverage on primary market insights through our Twitter and Telegram, love to have you guys follow our social media, please!

Sphere: This is a great intro and leads nicely onto trends. You are in a unique position as a project.

Patrick: Thank you! it does help that my co-founder and I came from investment and business management backgrounds (VC, Private Equity, and Management Consulting before crypto).

Sphere: Well certainly gives a solid background. Now onto the next Question…

Seeing 100s of projects/ white papers etc. Are there any trends you/the team are seeing that you feel our community would be interested in?

Patrick: Definitely! At this juncture, we are pretty focused on institutional finance (IMO, this is DeFi v2 that’ll bring new users into the entire crypto ecosystem).

Institutional finance are defi applications that are catered to users that are more corporate and typically have bigger liquidity to spare — we need this as an impetus to drive price actions and subsequently, attention so that more adoption can happen. This was what we saw in 2020 during DeFi summer — we need a huge reason for people to get excited about crypto again, and it seems like this year’s narrative is all about how we can further legitimize cryptocurrency beyond the ETF news.

Another interesting angle is the focus on GameFi at the moment. if you have been in crypto since late 2022, you might have been part of the GameFi faze back then (led by Axie).

The hype has definitely toned down over the years, but we are seeing a resurgence of this sector. We see traditional game brands joining the race at the moment (e.g., Bandai, Ubisoft, etc.) as good signs for the sector once again.

Why so? we don’t play games to see the latest technology being used, we play because of the game and the enjoyment of it. With these game giants coming in, we can expect more immersive crypto games that may finally create a sustainable use case for tokens in games.

These are catalysts to adoption by the masses in our opinion.

Sphere: And this sort of answer is exactly why we are so excited to partner with you. Also great to see Gamefi… we have a few IDOs coming up in that area!!

Patrick: A little sneak peek — we are onboarding a couple of InstiFi deals (and the bigger GameFi projects) onto Dealroom Pro.

I’m excited! we’ll be sharing some of the good deals with Sphere too,that’s the reason we partnered up.

Sphere: Oh that is actually so cool. We have used Coinseeker ourselves. But one of the reasons we partnered with you is not just access we get to exciting projects that are looking to IDO. But also access our community can get to your side.

They get 50% off your pro offering. But people can also use your basic offering for free.

This sounds like a sales plug, but I don’t mean it like that! However, can you say a little bit about the pro offering and why it is a value-add.

Patrick: yes — we have free sign-ups at the moment through here — play around before you upgrade to Pro.

Sphere: It might not be for everyone, but for those that want to do deeper dives it is really useful and like Patrick says, play around with it for free first.

Patrick: Thanks!

We have a comprehensive overview on our pricing page here, but let me highlight some of the values that our Pro subscribers have:

1) Exclusive Deal Participation

- Primarily, we have many subscribers joining us to access the top-tier deals we are featuring in our Dealroom — they simply want to invest alongside tier-1 investors through our deals.

2) Verified Contact Database

- Some of our community members are also builders themselves, and they subscribe to Pro so they can access our contact database; if they want to speak to VCs/investors or simply find a way to contact other builders to collaborate, they will find these in our paid database (think of us as CrunchBase of web 3.0).

3) Investor Hub (Private Alpha Group with VC professionals)

- we also host our subscribers in an intimate Telegram group. Occasionally, we do host IRL events at major crypto events to bring our Pro subscribers together for the best networking experience.

Check out our F1 event that was held in Singapore 🇸🇬 last year! 🏎

Sphere: Awesome! Now let’s do some rapid-fire questions…

How does Coinseeker cultivate and maintain its extensive network of 1,000+ VCs and enterprises?

Patrick: I think the best way for us is through the physical events that we host throughout the year…

Our team will usually be present at the major crypto events (ETH Globals, Token2049, Country’s Blockchain Week, etc.) — and we will always host a side event to bring our closest network together for a good time. That has helped us strengthen our relationships with subscribers, investors, and builders very well! For those who are on LinkedIn, you can check out the fun our guests have with us here:

Sphere: Great! Here comes the next one…What criteria does Coinseeker use to select projects featured in Dealroom Pro?

Patrick: In decreasing order:

  • Team
  • Product-Market Fit
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Investor
  • Tokenomics

A good team with bad ideas can simply pivot, but a bad team with good ideas is a recipe for disaster. Especially when we are dealing with early-stage ventures, the only factor we can judge best is often the operators behind the scenes. hence, you’ll notice that the featured deals in Dealroom Pro are built by some of the brightest minds in the industry.

— — — — — —

Quiz answer:

If you are taking part in the special airdrop to celebrate this partnership, here is your answer:

The partnership with Coinseeker will bring more quality and a higher quantity of exciting projects to do their IDO with Sphere

— — — — — —

Sphere: This is really interesting. I will come back to this point in my final question. However, here is my penultimate questions:

How does Coinseeker ensure the accuracy of the data provided on fundraising activities?

Patrick: We pride ourselves in the robustness of our data models.

Our data aggregation engines feed all the collected inputs through data models we have trained over the years to reach a 95% accuracy before our quality assurance team checks the final output and publishes it.

Going forward (alpha), we are also planning for an Intelligence Economy for everyone. Think of it as a case of ‘intel-to-earn’ — we are planning to leverage on the wisdom of the crowd to build on our database further. In the future, you can contribute data points to Coinseeker. co and receive rewards for your time and effort. How cool is that?

Sphere: From our side, we are hugely excited to have you as a partner. Being a community-focused launch pad, credible deal flow is so important.

Working with Coinseeker will ensure those high potential projects, that you come across that are looking to IDO, have a launch pad ready and waiting for them here at Sphere.

Now here is my final question, and it is a topic that comes up often and one I am sure you will have a great view on…What would your top tips be when looking at a project?

Obviously, this isn’t financial advice

But as someone who looks at and reviews projects daily, if not hourly! I am sure there are a few insights you can give.

Patrick: This ties back a little to the point above on how I pick projects to feature in our Dealroom — so let me add a new point

if you are technically-savvy (either you are a builder or a developer), try to peek into their tech stack (Github, smart contract, etc.) — find innovative points that you like about their product design as a whole, you’ll be able to find gems among the grains.

This, in my opinion, is one step above the rest who may only look at projects at face value.

Sphere: Very good point. This tied to the team, the caliber of people behind the project is so important

A proven track record isn’t everything, but it does mean they have been there, seen it and done it before. Which hopefully means they might not make the same mistakes!!

Patrick on behalf of the whole community, can I say a huge thank you for your time and insights.

Patrick: yes — to be honest, the best has definitely made mistakes, and will likely continue to make mistakes in their venture. But when we assess a team, we must also evaluate how they approach problems (be it externally or internally). I have seen the smartest builder struggle with team & stakeholder management, which eventually led to a poor launch.

Sphere: As mentioned at Sphere we are really excited about this partnership with Coinseeker. Not only as one that grows our IDO pipeline, but also one that helps unlock the chance for our community to have access to tools that can further develop their own research side.

Patrick: it’s my pleasure! ❤️

Here ends the AMA.

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