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Combatting difficulty with glittering simplicity


The best solutions are simple and effective. Glitter Finance is a prime example.

Glitter Finance is a cross-chain bridge, connecting the Algorand ecosystem first with Solana, then Polygon, Cudos, and Terra. The platform is designed to be a DeFi 2.0 platform, which allows a cross-chain bridge to become an automated investment platform.

This is achieved by integrating yield pools and whitelisting them in the platform, and then allowing the platform to automatically redeploy (or allowing experienced traders to manually redeploy) the wrapped tokens created by the Glitter Bridge into those pools.

Further, Glitter Finance plans to integrate AI, algorithmic trading, and machine learning, to automate the process of DeFi trading. The long term goal is to create a major platform that automates DeFi trading and generation of profits for novice traders, and facilitates mass adoption.

Combatting Difficulty

Despite the availability of blockchain bridges on Layer 1 providers, the liquidity created by a bridge remains under-leveraged for the trader, with the opportunity to create profits from the created liquidity largely untapped.

Further, the user experience is often marred by a lack of empathy for new users in the design of the trading platform.

Moveover, the knowledge threshold required for a novice trader to enter the DeFi space remains quite often too high and becomes a major barrier to widespread DeFi and crypto adoption.

Lastly, DeFi platforms are often built by anonymous teams, with a lack of experience in building effective and relevant projects.

Glittering Simplicity

Glitter Finance targets and addresses all these problems. Specific features include:

  • The Deep Learning Neural Networks. A very exciting feature as it in essence creates a ‘one-click’ platform, where the algorithm can direct the traders’ funds into profitable yield pools. This makes it attractive to novice traders.
  • The Algorand and Solana Bridge. The bridge will work by creating wrapped tokens, on the second blockchain. Instead of keeping this liquidity stagnant and locked in a vault, the vault will be opened to traders to allow them to redeploy this liquidity into integrated yield pools. Through creating a situation where normally dormant liquidity is being used, Glitter Finance solves capital inefficiencies inherent in traditional bridge architecture.
  • Integrated Yield Pools. This means trading can be done directly within the bridge, without a trader having to send their funds out. Creating a safer and more streamlined experience.

With a combined 40 years of experience in operational knowledge and practice, the Glitter Finance team are remarkably suited to bring this vision to life.

The Future is Bright

Glitter Finance is aiming for the stars. Future integrations will include multiple additional blockchains, including Polygon, Cudos and Terra.

Through their focus on DeFi, they aim to ensure anyone can have money. They consider NFTs the other side of the coin of DeFi. Through NFTs, anything can be money. That’s why Glitter Finance will cross chain NFTs in the last phase of development.

Community is also at the heart of their mission. Glitter Finance plans to establish a DAO for the token and to reach out to various communities with content in their native language. $XGLI holders will become a DAO, which will be centered around helping whitelist yield farms. This in itself will clean-up the ecosystem from badly performing, or scam projects. Secondly, the DAO will help innovate the platform.

Further Glitter Finance token functions include the ability to:

  • List a new yield farm
  • Update the treasury free for yield collection from the redeployment of user assets
  • Update cross-chain transfer treasury fees
  • Update oracle addresses
  • Choose a new admin
  • Spend assets from the treasury
  • Vote on chain networks for integration on Glitter bridge

Sparkling Suite of Partnerships

Now that we have explained the solution that Glitter Finance is bringing to crypto, it is unsurprising they have secured multiple partnerships.

Over 10 Venture Capitalists are providing funding to fuel Glitter Finance’s success. Examples include: Unilayer Capital, ZBS Capital, Dutch Crypto Investors, Bullish Block Capital, Space Capital, Oracles Investment Group.

Beyond this, Glitter Finance has secured support of three Layer 1 foundations: Algorand, Polygon and Cudos.

Finally, Glitter Finance is working with a wide range of launchpad partners.

Putting It Altogether

In short, Glitter Finance creates mass adoption and freedom of movement for traders of unique and varied ecosystems.

This is achieved through a platform that allows bridges to redeploy a certain amount of collateral into yield bearings, thus creating an extremely liquid and efficient platform for DeFi traders.

More Glitter Finance

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