SXS airdrop — Winners update

3 min readJun 13


This is an official update from Sphere. It contains important information for those that won part of the official Sphere SXS airdrop. If you are an SXS airdrop winner, then please read the following in full.

Firstly, your SXS airdrop is confirmed and there is nothing for you to do for now. This will give you a little update on what to expect.

Please note that this airdrop competition has closed and we are no longer taking applicants.

Change in claim

Our plan was to go with five claims, each one being 20% of your total win, over the next 5 months.

However, we had messages, comments and emails from community members who had won this airdrop, asking if they could do one claim instead at the end. The main concern was that with any claim there is always a gas fee to pay, and rather than paying five gas fees, which would basically cancel out the airdrop amount, a number of winners wanted to do just one claim and therefore pay one fee.

We didn’t want to do any change without going out to the community first with a vote. If there was a clear winner in the vote we would go with the result of that.

The vote closed yesterday after being open for 12hours. We had over 300 people take part and also there was a robust debate in the group chat. Over 55% of people voted to have the airdrop in one go at the end, this was the clear winner by over 25%.

This means that towards the start of the 5th month, which will be October, you will be able to claim all your airdrop in one go with just one gas fee.

Extra 10%

Just so you are aware, we have 1.5m SXS that we are giving out for this airdrop and 1,500 airdrop winners. This means every winner will be getting 1,000 SXS.

As you might have also seen in the main chat, we are going to be giving you an extra 10%. This will be added to your airdrop claim amount, so when you claim in October, you will have 1,100 SXS waiting for you.

Your questions answered

We have seen a few questions come up in our different communities. So we are going to answer them here:

  • How much will I win? Everyone will win 1,100 SXS this includes the extra 10%
  • How many winners are there? There were 1,500 winners
  • Will i have to claim the extra 10% separately? No, this is added to your win
  • When can I claim? You will be able to claim in early October, an exact date and time will be emailed to you closer to the time
  • Where will I claim? You will claim via our airdrop portal
  • How will i know when I can claim? We will email all winners when the claim is live and we will post in all our main channels
  • Is my airdrop confirmed? If you have got the official winners email, it has similar text to this article, then you have 100% got an airdrop
  • What should i do now? Nothing!
  • Do my airdrop tokens count towards my tier? Yes they do
  • Why couldn’t you simply combine airdrop amounts and keep it as it is? Sadly an airdrop contract doesn't work like that, each airdrop claim is a separate contract and therefore requires a separate claim. They can not be combined or added to.

I am not happy with the change

We know not everyone will be happy with this change. However, when we get a significant number of requests asking us to change something, we will always look into this and on major areas, we will always ask our community for their input and where possible to vote. This is part of our Community first commitment. Whenever ad wherever possible we will always try and pivot according to community feedback.


Please be very aware of scams. Around any IDO or major airdrop, where there has been significant interest, scammers do try and benefit. Please only ever act on official messages from us. Our moderators will never DM first. Always check the site and channels you are on to confirm that they are official. If you are ever concerned about anything, don’t act, speak to us first.

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